On April 1,1993, MPPJ officially took over operations of the Petaling Jaya Book Club and renamed it the MPPJ Library. This acquisiton clearly showed the firm commitment of the MPPJ towards intellectual development that was in tandem with the physical development of Petaling Jaya. Library membership reaching over 25,000 and the collection of books and materials growing from year to year, the temporary premises on the second floor of the MPPJ building became unsuitable.

In December 1995, the multi-purpose hall on Jalan Selangor made way for the contruction of a RM12 million, four-storey library complex that, due to unavoidable technical difficulties, took four and a half years to complete. The MPPJ library was renamed the MPPJ Community Library (PKPJ) and it moved into new building in December 1999. The community library started operations on April 4, 2000 and was officially opened by the Selangor Menteri Besar, YAB. Dato' Seri Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo, on March 14, 2002 (29 Zulhijah 1422H)



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