Laws & Obligations


In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 102(f) of the Local Government Act 1976, Petaling Jaya Municipal Council hereby makes the following by-laws and pursuant to Section 103 of the aforesaid Act, the State Authority hereby confirm these by-laws as follows:

1. These by-laws may be cited as the Public Library (Petaling Jaya Municipal Council) By-Laws 1999, and shall apply to all users of the Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya public library.

2. In these by-laws, unless the context otherwise requires :

"Act" means the Local Government Act 1976;

"by-laws" means these by-laws;

"collection" means the library resources collected and maintained within the library;

"library resources" means any form of written, printed, or graphic matter on or in which information is written, recorded, stored, displayed or reproduced, including manuscripts, typescripts, books, newspaper, periodicals, pamphlets, music sheen, photographs, maps, charts, cinematograph, films, gramophones records, tape recordings and other recordings on papers, film, compact disc, computer discs or other materials and reproduction thereof;

"Majlis" means Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya;

"Library" means the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council Public Library including all its branches whether mobile or permanent;

"Librarian" means any person appointed by the Majlis as the Head Librarian of the Library and shall include any other person with the duties of a Head Librarian;

"Staff" includes any officers or staff of the library appointed by the Majlis;

"member" means a reader registered as a member of the library; and "reader" means any person who comes to the library to refer to or to use any library collections and includes a member.

3. ( 1 ) The Librarian shall be fully responsible for the management and operation of any library place under his management and control.

( 2 ) Any decision made by the Librarian as to the daily and routine administration of the library in particular but not limited to the use of the library by a reader shall be final.

4. A reader shall be allowed to use the services provided by the library to the reader subject to the conditions and rules which are set out in the By-laws herein.

5. ( 1 ) The library shall be open on the following hours:

(a) 10.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m on Mondays through Friday
(b) 10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m on Saturdays and 10.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m on Sundays
(c) Close on Sundays and gazetted public holiday

( 2 ) Notwithstanding sub-section ( 1 ), the Librarian may extend the opening hours of the library as he deems necessary.

6. ( 1 ) Subject to these by-laws any person who wishes to borrow any collection of the library shall first register himself as a member by completing and signing the appropriate form issued and determined by the librarian.

( 2 ) The Librarian in his discretion may accept or reject any application to be a member.

( 3 ) Any person admitted as a member shall be subject to the conditions and terms of the Library and these by-laws.

( 4 ) Unless the member ealier surrendered his membership, the membership shall be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of its registration but may be renewed.

( 5 ) A member whose membership of the library has expired and fails to renew his registration shall no longer be permitted to borrow any library collections.

  1. ( 1 ) A member shall, on the expiry of his membership or on the withdrawal of the facility loan service of the library, return all library collections, library tickets to the librarian and pay all outstanding fines, or other charges incurred of the non return, loss, displacement or damage to library collection in his possession.
  2. ( 2 ) The Librarian may impose any fine on any member who violates the conditions determined by the Librarian in respect of the use of Library services; and the librarian may in his absolute discretion withdraw the use of the library services by such member.

8. ( 1 ) The Library may provide loan service to its member and the Librarian may in his absolute discretion determine what Library collections are allowed for loan to members.

( 2 ) Library collections may not be removed from the Library without the consent of the Librarian.

( 3 ) The Librarian may determine the procedure and terms and conditions for the loan services to be provided by the library.

9. The Librarian may organise any activity within the library premises which in the opinion of the Librarian may improve the interest of public to use the services of the Library.

10. ( 1 ) No person shall:-

(a) enter into any area of the library without consent of the Librarian;
(b) create a disturbance of any kind in the area of the library;
(c) damage or attempt to damage any property including reference materials found in any area of the library;
(d) harass any reader in any area of the library;
(e) behave in such manner which in the opinion of the library is a nuisance or a disturbance to the reader of the library.

( 2 ) The Librarian may in his absolute discretion, directs any person who contravenes by-law to leave the library premises.

11. Any person who violates the provision of the by-laws shall have committed an offence and if found guilty can be fined up to a maximum of two thousand ringgit or imprisoned for a term not more than one year or both and in the case of a continuing offence an additional fines not exceeding two hundred ringgit for each day the offence continues to be committed.

12. ( 1 ) Any offence committed under these by-laws may be compounded by the President of Majlis or any officer of Majlis specially authorised by the President in writing.

( 2 ) The amount compounded for each offence shall not exceed the sum of five hundred ringgit.

( 3 ) If an offence has been compounded under this by-laws, there shall be no further prosecution of that offence.

13. The text of these By-laws in the Bahasa Malaysia version shall be the authoritative text and in the event of any conflict between the Bahasa Malaysia version of these By-laws and the English Language version of this By-laws, the Bahasa Malaysia version shall be regarded as prevailing.

Made by the Petaling Jaya City Council at its meeting on the 28 June 1997.