Rules and Regulations

  1. Only members of the Petaling Jaya Community Library are allowed to use all the facilities at the library.
  2. Non-members are only allowed into the library for the purpose of reading and carrying out limited research.
  3. Food and drink (including chewing gum) are not allowed inside the library's reading section.
  4. Any act of stealing electricity to charge a mobile phone, laptop or other electrical devices will be classified as a WRONGFUL ACT.
  5. Do not make noise or cause any disturbance inside the library. Mobile phone or any gadgets must be put on silent or vibration mode before entering the library premises.
  6. Smoking is strictly not allowed within the library area.
  7. All the library members are required to dress decently. Members above the age of 12 are not allowed to wear:
    • Sleeveless attire
    • Singlet
    • Mini gown/ shorts/ all types of skirt/shorts above the knee
    • Apparel with wording or images that are obscene as well as clothing which expose certain body parts (besides saree) and are see through
    • Torn and untidy clothes
    • Tight pants or high slit skirts as well as anything that is revealing
    • Their hair long. This refers to males. Hair must be tied
  8. No reservations are allowed for seating space in the library. A maximum of four people is allowed at one table and one person for every reading space.
  9. Library books are not allowed to be or taken out of the premises unless they have been borrowed by the Circulation Counter or self-service terminal on the ground floor.
  10. Revision books are not allowed to be removed from the 3rd floor unless you have permission from the officer-in-charge.
  11. All books and personal belongings must be shown to the officer-in-charge when leaving the premises or when requested to do so at any time.
  12. Visitors are not allowed to damage library property for example, scribble, cut or damage the books, magazines, newspaper or audio visual. Stern action will be taken.
  13. Visitors are not allowed to do any form of handiwork or crafts at the reading table.
  14. Visitors are forbidden to bring bags (besides hand bags, laptop bag and valuables), umbrella, packages, helmet, knife, scissors or any sharp objects. Dedicated space is provided, outside the main door to the library, to keep these items. Do so at your own risk.
  15. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings brought into the library.
  16. Group discussions, verbal arguments, gambling, betting, meetings among members that are disturbing/distracting to other members are not allowed. The library management has the right to ask the offending member(s) to leave, without having to listen to any explanation.
  17. Users are not allowed to shift a chair, table or any other furniture from its original location.
  18. All members are reminded to return their books or renew any borrowed item before or on the due date. A letter of reminder will be sent and all costs will be borne by the member (late charges and loss of book).
  19. Action will be taken against all types of crime. In cases involving theft, the membership will be suspended for a period (to be decided by the management) and the member will not allow to use the library. Measures that will be taken against a student or working individuals:
    • A report will be sent to his/her school or organisation and family residence
    • A police report will be made
    • A fine will be imposed, library facility and membership will be terminated or the member will be forbidden from entering the library.
  20. The librarians and security personnel have the right to:
    • Request members to leave the library if they are not dressed appropriately, cause a nuisance, involved in indecent behaviour or found in pairs with suspicious intentions.
    • To shift/take any form of book, file, bag, food or any other personal belongings on a table.
    • To order NON MEMBERS to leave the premises at any time, if necessary.
  21. All members are allowed to bring and use a laptop inside the library based on the stipulated rules.
  22. Parking spaces are reserved for library user only.


TALIAN AM: 03-7781 2775/90 
FAKS: 03-7781 3729
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